Thursday 11 February 2010

Lee Dorsey - Yes We Can (1970) Polydor 24-4042

"I love Lee Dorsey. I think his music, his style, with Allen Toussaint as producer, may be some of America's best music. Riverboat, Tears, Tears and More Tears. All that great, great stuff. Those sessions I think are some of the best musical sessions to ever come out of America," - Stephen Bruton, talking to Mike Butler, February, 2006.

This article is a stub, and awaits fuller treatment when Mike gets around to it.


  1. Please can you tell me if you have any musicians listed on that album?. Is that Zigaboo drumming on Sneakin Sally.. I would love to know... Thanks

  2. No musicians are listed on the sleeve, but it has to be The Meters, it can be no other. They were the house band for Toussaint at the time. It's a period when they're really stretching out. A good companion piece is Betty Harris' 'There's a Break in the Road' which must have been recorded at the same time. Surely they'll be corroboration somewhere on the net? Hang on, I'll do a quick search...

    Yes, here it is, and a nice appreciation...


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