Friday 25 September 2015

Roll over Ken Colyer; take it away Shaye Cohn!

So the woman playing forthright piano on this youtube clip – – is Shaye Cohn, the granddaughter of saxophonist Al Cohn. If your computer is like mine, it will lead to a medley of clips. Follow it through. The woman playing old-time fiddle on the next clip is Shaye Cohn. Stick with it. The woman playing the lovely Bunk Johnson-style cornet on the next clip is Shaye Cohn. The next clip is a blurry US roots femme waltz thing. That's Shaye doing such nice bow work on a string bass. 

I've been trying to find the clip aired last night at Manchester Jazz Society of a group of street musicians in New Orleans, featuring Shaye on cornet and piano. It was classic New Orleans... Reminded me of the time I was there. Social music-making seems to be her thing. 

The next clip isn't it, but close. Playing piano on the street at night with some old-timer on clarinet. You get the idea. 'Make Me A Pallet on Your Floor'. What's Shaye doing? Duetting on cornet with a trombone. What a soulful singer, and dig: a rising generation is getting into New Orleans traditional jazz, with Shaye as some kind of omnipresent Zelig-like figure. 

Anyway, I just thought I'd share my discovery of the day with you. 


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