Thursday 24 April 2014

The Category Stomp, featuring the well known English folk group, The Johnstons

TRASAM 16, the most popular Johnstons album by some way. 

Last night, wanting to see what Irish folk LPs were available on eBay, I chose The Johnstons for my representative Irish folk group. The steps are these: enter the Shop By Category page, scroll down to Music and click onto the Records sub-section, and key in “The Johnstons” in Search… This will get me straight to the desired Irish Folk / Traditional category. Or so I thought.   

I now know that there are 19 Johnstons records (16 LPs and 3 45s) currently on offer on eBay, including a solo album by Adrienne Jonstone (sic). There follows a breakdown of category:

Music > Records > Albums / LPs > Folk > English  8

Music > Records > Albums / LPs > Pop & Beat: 1960s > Pop: 1960s  2

Music > Records > Albums / LPs > Rock > Progressive 

Music > Records > Albums / LPs > Folk > Other Folk  1  

Music > Records > Albums / LPs > Irish Folk / Traditional 
[Bingo! This was my 12th attempt!]

Music > Records  1

Music > Records > 12” Singles > Pop > 1980s 
[This - a listing for TRASAM 16, The Johnstons Sampler from 1970 - is advertised as “Rare Scottish Folk”, but the confusion is at least compounded by corporate inconsistency, as eBay don’t have a Scottish Folk category: presumably they’re one of those institutions threatening to move away from Scotland come independence, if Scotland features on the corporate radar at all.]   

Music > Records > 7” Singles > Folk  1

Music > Records > 7” Singles > Rock > Psychedelic / 60s Garage 

Feeling somewhat bemused, I repeated the exercise with The Dubliners. This time, I reached Irish Folk / Traditional on my sixth attempt (3 Other Folk; 2 Music > Records). The clue is in the name, dummy: The Dubliners

'The Category Stomp', by the way, is a song by the great John Hartford, a Country artist (there seems to be consensus here). 

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  1. Further: 50% of ebayers – these findings are based on the search "Bobbie Gentry" on – give Bobbie Gentry's 1968 LP as ‘The Delta Sweetie’ rather than the correct title, which is 'The Delta Sweete'. This is a textbook Freudian slip, caused by the same wishful thinking that translates the 1981 John Carpenter film 'Escape from New York' to 'Escape to New York'.



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